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One Complete Immersive Learning System

Maybe. In HIGH DEMAND, this offer is on a first come, first served basis. Immersive Learning System Allows 100 people per group. Enrollment Ends 12/31/23 or when full.

Rugged Human Core Framework™

The Inner Work. 9 Immersive Learning Modules. This is Where You Start! Define Purpose. Find your Unique Path to Consistent Clarity of Vision! Learn Secrets of Success Loops, Opportunity Focus, and The Universal Tenet to Apply in YOUR LIFE.

Rugged Human Critical Path Goal Setting™

The Outer Work. 8 immersive Learning Modules. This is Where the Rubber Meets the Road! Customize Your Life Goals and Build Your Path! Includes all Comprehensive Workbooks, Materials and Printables.

Rugged Human Life Track System™

The Ultimate Life Tracker. This is the Proprietary Tool That Brings it All Together! Singularly Connect Your Mind, Body and Spirit in One Master Life and Habit Tracker! Customize your own using the clear and concise steps and watch yourself change in front of your eyes!

Rugged Human Mobile App™

This is Where you Get Accountability to Stay On Point! Connect Anywhere at Anytime on the Go! Access your learning from anywhere. Synced with the Rugged Human website and COMMUNITY to get all latest updates to KEEP YOU FOCUSED! Consistency is what GETS RESULTS!

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  • Define Your Purpose with The Core Framework™ to Illuminate Your Path. THE INNER WORK.
  • Uncover Exclusive Alternative, Proven, Problem-Solving Strategies.
  • ​Customize Your Critical Path Goal Setting Method™ to hone your skills. THE OUTER WORK.
  • ​Habitualize Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection with the Rugged Human™ Life Track System™
  • ​Free Life Time Access Rugged Human™ Mobile App for Consistency!
  • ​Redefine Yourself in the Rugged Human™ Transformative and Immersive Experience, Self-Paced and At Home.


Rugged Human Blueprint to Balance™

Rugged Human Life Tracker™

Rugged Human Mobile App™

One Place. One System.

Every Facet of Your Life!

  • Discover the Power of a Connected Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Eliminate Information Overload Unleash Your True Potential
  • Unlock the Secret to Balanced Living with One All-inclusive Solution
  • ​Enjoy Lifetime Access with No Monthly Memberships
  • ​Create Your Personal System in Just 15 Minutes a Day
  • ​Discover Simplicity and Affordability in Your Self-paced Journey
  • ​Enhance Your Progress with the FREE Mobile App

FREE Essentials!

Essential Meditations

Journey inward. Guided meditations that work you through overcoming fear, self healing, building principles and much more! Includes TriSync™ Technology.

Core Fitness Complete

Ignite Your Metabolism! The complete fitness, nutrition, health program to help you re-shape, and maintain a healthy physical body and lifestyle!

Focused Audio TriSync™

Breakthrough Brainwave Technology! Customized audio tracks to use at work, home, or in study to enhance your FOCUS and productivity!

Ultimate Keto Diet™

Turbocharged Maximum Thermogenesis! A fast start system designed to show you how to apply the Ketogenic diet in your life to achieve fast weight loss and body maintenance!




Transcend the Dark Night of the Soul!

  • Paradigm-Shifting Guided Meditations to Nurture Your Spiritual Path.
  • Awaken Your Mind with Empowering TriSync™ Technology Amplifying Gamma Wave Focus.
  • Discover a Fresh Perspective to Control and Overcome Fear!
  • ​Unveil an Untapped Approach to Self-Forgiveness for Deep Healing and Personal Transformation!
  • ​Find the Truth of Self-Compassion & Experience its Life-Altering Effects.
  • ​Internalize Essential Principles the World's Most Successful Individuals Apply on Their Spiritual Odyssey.



Unleash Your Connected Body Transformation!

  • Shape Your Body with Purpose and Ignite Your Metabolism.
  • Unlock Proven, Simple, and Science-Backed Methods to Become Your Best Self.
  • Focused and Accessible Exercise Routines for All Fitness Levels.
  • Easily Master Nutrition Tracking, and Vital How-to's for Optimal Health.
  • Lock In Effective Habits for Sustainable Weight Loss.
  • Achieve Your Goals Anywhere: At Home or At the Gym.



Break Free of Paralysis By Analysis!

Experience the Transformational Effects of TriSync™ Audio Gamma Wave Amplification.

  • Harness Cutting-Edge Breakthrough Brainwave Technology
  • Obtain Enhanced Focus and Remarkable Mental Clarity.
  • Heighten Your Concentration to Achieve Optimal Results.
  • Maximize Performance in Study, Work, Reading, and Contemplation.
  • Stimulate Rapid Learning and Retention.
  • ​Gamma Frequency Brainwave Focused Audio Brainwave series.



A New Path to Healthier Well-being!

  • Turbocharge Your Body to Maximum Thermogenesis.
  • Optimize Balanced Macro Nutrient Ratios™ . Learn what foods to use in your transformation and how!
  • Simple Techniques to Start Strong from Day One!
  • Easily Master Macro Tracking for Mindful Eating. Learn unique methods of food combination!
  • Harness the Power of Intermittent Fasting.
  • ​Discover Antioxidant Superfoods to Enhance Your Keto Diet.


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Regular Price $997

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100% Money Back Guarantee
If you don't love Blueprint to Balance (and all of the essential bonuses), for any reason or no reason after you have gone through it and the bonuses, we will give you your money back guaranteed and you can KEEP EVERYTHING.

Listen, I want to make sure you feel totally secure in your purchase today, so you now have nothing to lose if you are still on the fence. Why? I believe what's inside this program has the potential to help you change your life, become the best person for your family, and make you more balanced than any other strategy on planet earth today. And I know for a fact, what you're getting (essential bonuses included) is a RIDICULOUS VALUE.

Will some people try and rip me off because of this guarantee? Some will try, yes. But will some people get the program right now, love it, and be a lot better off for it... I'm betting a lot more will do that. 

At Rugged Human, we are committed to your transformation. Our core values Principles, Passion, and Purpose drive us to help you become the best version of yourself. So if you are at all interested in changing yourself right now, embrace this program wholeheartedly, and witness the remarkable improvements in your life WITH ABSOLUTELY ZERO RISK.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What if for any reason I don't like Blueprint to Balance?
Email us and say this. "I don't like it." You'll instantly be refunded no questions asked, and KEEP IT ALL. To qualify for the money back guarantee all you have to do is go through the program within 30 Days, take notes in a Google doc and go through all of the bonuses. If after that you're not happy, let us know and you'll get your money back. No questions asked.
​What is Blueprint to Balance anway?
Well, for starters, Blueprint to Balance is a unique step by step system for finding out who you really are inside and how to maximize your strengths and apply them to your life to create a solid path with purpose. Unique, because, it’s not the typical personal growth program.

Instead, it empowers you to unite the entirety of your human essence—body, mind, and spirit—into a singular space, enabling you to lead a harmonious existence. This integration cultivates a sense of enduring joy and contentment, while granting you the ability to surmount life's challenges with unwavering confidence and a fresh perspective.

And, in case you’re wondering… yes, whether you struggling with your bad habits, your spiritual journey or just looking to find a simple path to some real purpose in your life, Blueprint to Balance can help. Just like the people who you see on this page, you can really amplify yourself in all aspects of your life.
​I've already tried a bunch of stuff - how is Blueprint to Balance different?
Yeah, I get it. Unlike the typical program out there, with Blueprint to Balance, you’re maximizing not only one or two parts of yourself, but connecting ALL of what makes us human together, in ONE place. And because you're not limited to only writing in some journal, or jumping on a pre-recorded webinar, you are, instead, educating yourself on a new mechanism for getting results, and then a number of fantastic things happen:

 1. It helps you discover what truly motivates you internally and provides clear steps to chart your path forward. By doing so, you gain an honest assessment of your areas for growth, which brings about a newfound sense of freedom, power, and inspiration.

 2. The connected system enables you to recognize your own patterns, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on personal growth. As you cultivate the good aspects, they become even better, and the negative aspects gradually lose their influence. Consequently, the reflection in the mirror visibly transforms into the person you were destined to become.

​3. You give those people in your life, new and old, a new version of yourself as you become a shining example whether you know it or not.

 4. Your personal transformation sparks a deep desire in others to learn from your experiences and seek similar personal growth. Negative behavior patterns start to shift, and positive behaviors amplify, creating a ripple effect that naturally spreads, much like a smile or a sneeze.

In summary, Blueprint to Balance offers a holistic approach that connects all aspects of your humanity, empowering you to unlock your true potential, inspire others, and foster positive change in yourself and those around you.
​What if doesn't work for me?
Listen, if you're someone who has tried everything and is still feeling stuck. Or who has spent years investing in themselves. Whose bought other books, courses and programs, gone to seminars and bought everything under the sun... but still aren't where you want to be, I know how you feel. I did all that stuff too. Heck, I went on a walkabout for a year to figure all this stuff out, I literally reinvented myself.

I want you to know I've got your back. You'll know if this is for you or not within the first couple of weeks as you take a deeper look at the all the programs and content. For most people, it "clicks" for them almost right away.

But I don't want you to feel rushed. Go through it, take notes, check out the bonuses and apply them to your own life and if it doesn't help you, let me know and I'll happily give you back your money. And you can keep the materials and the bonuses. Ask yourself, would I really do that if I wasn't super confident this will be one of the best investments you ever make? 
Why would you give away all these bonuses for free?
Simple. Two reasons. One, I know this offer has the potential to help you get through many of the roadblocks that so many of us are up against these days, find real balance and get more happiness and contentment in life, because these things are inextricably tied together. Two, I also know that a certain percentage of people will be so interested in your results that they will want to get Blueprint to Balance too. So it's a win win.
What Are You Waiting For?
Here’s What Our First Group Is Saying:

Tom Wood, CEO Mastery TV

“This experience is amazing... something I have never encountered before!”

Bob Breton, Painting Contractor (Before BPB)

I love the meditations, and the spiritual side of it! This really helped me to get a grip on where I was at in my life. I was at a crossroads, and really unsure, this process helped my to get a real direction. Thanks so much! Great program! Just starting the Ultimate Keto

Bob Breton, Painting Contractor (After...Go Bobby!!)

"2 and a half months in! It’s gonna be worth it…182… my goal is 160 :-)” 

Michelle Motley, Digital Designer

“Balance! Riding my horse brings me joy and taking Rugged Human on the ride is a place where I can really tune in”

Christy Lewis, Nurse Practitioner

"Rugged Human is your opportunity to show up and see what the day holds for you. No more, no less, simply be in the moment”

Benjamin F, Director Graphic Design

“As a graphic designer, I think about visual balance all the time, but getting a new life balance really, really shifted my perspective on my whole outlook. Love this!!"

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Get Blueprint to Balance Now!

Rugged Human Life Track System™

The Life Tracking Method to Chart your Path, Identify Your Patterns, Track Progress and More! This is where you put it all together! One place, one system where you monitor all parts of yourself! You will use this as change amplifier and watch yourself moving forward as you track your progress!

The Core Framework™

The Framework to Define Your Purpose and Chart Onto Your Forever Forward Life Path! This is the essential shift you need to change on the inside! There can be no outward success without true self knowledge! Learn what makes you unique and how to become the best version of yourself!

The Critical Path Goal Setting Method™

Build, Maintain, and Prioritize The Crucial Steps to Build The Life You Were Meant To Live! The secrets that successful people have used to consistently move forward and overcome any obstacles in life!

The Rugged Human Mobile App™

Access Your Growth from Anywhere at Anytime! Stay connected, gain community and take your learning with you for consistency and accountability! Consistency of Purpose is the goal here! 

One System. One Place. One Community!

The Connected System To Combine All of What Makes Us Human!

100% Guaranteed!

Get Blueprint to Balance today with ZERO risk!
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